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Traverse City MI Water Damage Inspection

One critical piece of information we’ve taken to heart from the 9+ years in business since our founding is this: water damage can create an impressive amount of damage surprisingly quickly. That’s why it’s important to schedule a Traverse City MI water damage inspection if your property has recently experienced flooding or plumbing mishaps. The sooner you establish the exact location and degree of water damage, the quicker you can start remediation and repairs. 

Here at Big Moose, we specialize in best-in-class inspections for home and property owners throughout Traverse City MI. We’re honored to be locally based in Michigan-Wisconsin – we’ve called this land home ever since we were founded back in 2013.

Since that time, we’ve assisted numerous clients with assessing water damage around their property, whether they’re making a real estate purchase or looking to do repairs. 

Our inspection team will evaluate these locations and more: 

  • Attic
  • Basement and crawl space
  • Bathrooms and kitchens
  • Plumbing and beneath sinks
  • Boiler or water heater
  • Ceilings and drywall
  • Heater and ductwork 

A building’s exterior is also critical, so inspectors will review the following:

  • Roof and roofline
  • Gutters, eaves, and soffits
  • Garage
  • Shed

How Do Inspectors Discover Water Damage? 

  • Water stains on the ceiling: Water stains left on the ceiling usually indicate a pipe leak or damaged shingles.
  • Speckled walls and flaking drywall: Drywall has to be as dry as possible. But when it’s exposed to moisture, it can bend and rot. Remain vigilant for yellowish-brown discoloration and stains, as well as peeling paint.
  • Mold or mildew: Mold on walls can mean that there’s a major issue. You might have a pipe leak that is affecting your insulation and drywall.
  • Warping: Warping floors can be indicative of a build-up of moisture below your floorboards or a problem with the property’s foundation.
  • Rust: Rust stains can be a sign of water exposure over an extended period.
  • Unusual smells: A squalid smell can signal bad ventilation among other problems. 

Traverse City MI’s Professional Water Damage Inspection Company

Water damage is a word that homeowners find terrifying. That’s because water can cause an immense quantity of damage in a fairly short amount of time. Additionally, it can cause mold and structural damage. This isn’t only extremely pricey to repair, but can also result in health problems in the meantime. Big Moose will assist you in determining if water damage is present and calculate the scope of the damage. Let Big Moose’s Traverse City MI water damage inspectors conduct a thorough evaluation of your home or commercial property. 

We issue free price quotes for water damage inspections in Traverse City MI and nearby areas in Michigan-Wisconsin. To schedule an appointment, just call us at 800-531-0233 or send us the quick contact form on our website. 

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