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Rhinelander WI Water Damage Inspections

One significant lesson we’ve learned from the 9+ years in business we’ve been in the field is that water damage can cause a major amount of damage shockingly quickly. That’s why it’s so important to set up a Rhinelander WI water damage inspection if your property has recently fallen prey to plumbing issues or flooding. The sooner you pinpoint the location and amount of water damage, the earlier you can take corrective measures. 

Here at Big Moose, we perform high-quality inspection services for home and property owners throughout Rhinelander WI. We’re honored to be locally owned and operated in Michigan-Wisconsin – we’ve considered this land home ever since we were established back in 2013.

Since that time, we’ve helped countless clients measure their property’s water damage, whether they’re making a real estate transaction or pursuing maintenance and repairs. 

Our inspection crew will assess the following locations: 

  • Attic
  • Basement or crawl space
  • Bathrooms and kitchens
  • Plumbing and under sinks
  • Boiler or water heater
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Heater and ductwork 

A building’s exterior is also crucial, so inspectors will look at the following:

  • Shingles and roof
  • Gutters and eaves
  • Garage
  • Free-standing sheds

How Do Our Inspectors Find Water Damage? 

  • Water stains on the ceiling: Water marks left on the ceiling typically point to a leaky pipe or a damaged roof.
  • Discolored walls and flaking drywall: The drywall has to stay very dry. But when it’s exposed to moisture or water, it can begin to warp and deteriorate in time. Look out for yellowish-brown discoloration and marks or stripping paint.
  • Mold: Moldy walls can mean that there’s a serious underlying problem. It could mean you have a leaky pipe that’s affecting your drywall and insulation.
  • Warping floorboards: Lumpy floors can be indicative of an excess of moisture below the floorboards or an issue with your foundation.
  • Rusty spots: Seeing rust stains can indicate exposure to moisture for a longer period.
  • Bad odors: A squalid smell can signal bad ventilation among other problems. 

Rhinelander WI’s Professional Water Damage Inspection Company

Water damage is a word that homeowners dread hearing. Why’s that? Because water can generate a massive amount of damage in a fairly short window of time. Plus, it can also produce mold and even structural damage. Not only is this a big-ticket project to fix, but it can also create health problems in the meantime. Big Moose will ascertain if water damage is there and measure the damage’s extent. Let the Rhinelander WI water damage inspectors at Big Moose complete a precise inspection of your home or commercial property. 

We issue no-cost service estimates for water damage inspections in Rhinelander WI and nearby areas in Michigan-Wisconsin. To get yours, just call us at 800-531-0233 or fill in the convenient contact form on our website. 

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