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Water Damage Inspection

Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin Water Damage Inspections

Water damage is a common concern for homeowners in Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin. Everything from flooding to burst pipes and leaky roofs can lead to serious problems in your home. That’s why Big Moose Home Inspections offers comprehensive water damage inspections in Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin and beyond. For the last 18+ years, our inspectors have helped local homeowners evaluate their properties for water-related damage. Not only will we assess the location and extent of the damage, but we’ll also help you determine what’s causing it to begin with. Our top priority is to help you restore your home to its original condition by offering thorough, stress-free water damage inspections in Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin.

Step by step water damage inspections by Big Moose Home Inspections

Sometimes water damage is very apparent, like in the case of flooding, but other times it can be very subtle and concealed behind walls. That’s why our water damage inspectors in Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin are expertly trained to identify even small traces of water and moisture damage to your property. 

When we arrive at your home or business to inspect for water damage, here’s what you can expect from us: 

Phase one: Determine the origin of the water damage. It’s crucial that we pinpoint where water or excess moisture is entering your home or building. Otherwise, the problem will only continue to worsen and spread. 

Phase two: Map out the extent of the damage. We’ll make detailed notes regarding the location and scope of the water damage so you can pass it on to any water remediation experts you contract in the future. 

Phase three: Your insurance provider will want to know if the damage is related to flooding or secondary reasons, like corrosion, drywall swelling, or mold. You can share our findings with your insurance company during the claims process to determine what kind of repairs they’ll cover. 

Questions about the many benefits of water damage inspection in Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin? Call Big Moose Home Inspections at (800) 531-0233 and we’ll answer your questions and help you plan your upcoming inspection! 

For Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin water damage inspectors you can count on, call Big Moose Home Inspections!

Was your town recently hit by flooding? Or perhaps you recently noticed a burst pipe or a roof leak? Then you can rely on Big Moose Home Inspections to make an accurate assessment of any water damage in your Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin home. We’ll work closely with you to make sure our report is thorough and informative so you can get the best price possible from your insurance company. We understand that water and flood damage can be stressful, so you can expect our Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin inspectors to be friendly, prompt, and helpful every step of the way. 

Ready to schedule a water damage inspection for your Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin home or business? All you need to do is fill out the quick form below or give us a call at (800) 531-0233 to get started! 

Raving 5-Star Reviews

Katlynn L. ★★★★★
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Had a home inspection done on my home prior to purchasing. The inspector was very professional and knowledgeable. He answered any questions I had and did a very thorough inspection! 10/10
Travis B.★★★★★
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The team at Big Moose Home Inspections did an amazing job! This is my first time buying a home and they made it super easy! Rick walked me through everything in the house that needed attention and was helpful then asking him questions. Highly recommend Big Moose for your home inspection! Thanks guys!
Lily S.★★★★★
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Great job. Fast service and provided the final report within 24 hours after the inspection. Thorough report, included several pictures to collaborate the finding.

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