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Mold Testing

Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin Mold Testing

Mold Testing for Your Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin Home or Business 

Mold is a pesky organism that finds its way into many homes and buildings throughout Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin. While it’s most commonly found in basements and crawl spaces, it can appear anywhere in your home that’s exposed to moisture–that includes the space behind your walls where pipes are contained! 

Since mold can be surprisingly sneaky and hide in hard-to-reach places, we recommend a thorough inspection by expert mold testers in Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin. That’s us! Here at Big Moose Home Inspections, our Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin mold inspectors will scourge every inch of your property for even the smallest hints of mold spores and mildew growth. We’ll also identify the source of the mold, whether that’s a leaky pipe, a missing shingle, or a cracked foundation. Whatever the case may be, a professional mold inspection in Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin by Big Moose Home Inspections will you put on the right track to banish mold from your home! 

Big Moose Home Inspections will test for mold, mildew, and fungus

One term homeowners never want to hear associated with their dwelling is “mold.” Despite being unpopular and totally undesirable, mold still manages to creep into hundreds of homes throughout Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin each year. The culprits? Everything from excess humidity to flood damage and leaky pipes. 

Mold can be extra tricky to detect because it often hides behind drywall. Fortunately, Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin mold testing services by Big Moose Home Inspections can detect even the faintest traces of mold or mildew growth in your home. Using advanced techniques and instruments, our inspectors will perform a comprehensive mold inspection of your home to determine its location and source, in addition to the extent of its damage. 

Once the Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin mold tests are complete, we’ll write up our findings in a convenient report that you can share with mold remediation experts and remodelers. Our report will help the experts locate the mold in your home and ensure that all of it’s removed so it doesn’t come back. 

Questions about testing your home for mold? Call Big Moose Home Inspections at (800) 531-0233 and our Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin mold testers would be happy to answer your questions and help you plan your upcoming inspection! 

For comprehensive mold testing in Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin, contact Big Moose Home Inspections!

Mold and mildew flourish wherever they can find humidity. Unfortunately, there are many places inside a home that fit that description, from damp crawl spaces and leaky attics to the pockets behind your drywall. If you suspect your home or commercial building is harboring mold, Big Moose Home Inspections will come out right away to perform mold testing so you can get started on much-needed remediation efforts. We want to help you improve the health and safety of your home! 

Ready to schedule a Greater Michigan & Northern Wisconsin mold testing inspection? Reach out to Big Moose Home Inspections at (800) 531-0233 or submit the short form on our website to begin. 

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Katlynn L. ★★★★★
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Had a home inspection done on my home prior to purchasing. The inspector was very professional and knowledgeable. He answered any questions I had and did a very thorough inspection! 10/10
Travis B.★★★★★
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The team at Big Moose Home Inspections did an amazing job! This is my first time buying a home and they made it super easy! Rick walked me through everything in the house that needed attention and was helpful then asking him questions. Highly recommend Big Moose for your home inspection! Thanks guys!
Lily S.★★★★★
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Great job. Fast service and provided the final report within 24 hours after the inspection. Thorough report, included several pictures to collaborate the finding.

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