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Grand Rapids MI Mold Inspection

Having a mold problem in your home can lead to an array of health troubles. However, mold can be extremely arduous to catch and eliminate without professional intervention. Technicians from Big Moose will be able to verify mold growth in your Michigan-Wisconsin home and property. They’ll discuss the different options to remove the mold and provide you with an accurate report to share with insurance and renovators. We strive to stay current with the latest industry advances so we’re offering the highest quality services. 

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Reliable Mold Testing Service in Grand Rapids MI

If you’ve witnessed mold growth in damp places within your home or recently experienced flooding, it’s important to perform mold testing as soon as possible. The tests administered by Big Moose will be able to identify any fungal spores that might be circulating in your Michigan-Wisconsin home. We’ll also perform a thorough visual inspection of your home.

Grand Rapids MI’s Trusted Mold Inspection Company

Here at Big Moose, we’re committed to giving responsive mold inspections to homeowners in Michigan-Wisconsin. Our staff aims to make the service as comfortable as possible from beginning to end. Whether your home has had recent flooding or you’ve noticed a mildewy smell in the air, you may be dealing with a mold issue. And that’s exactly why our highly trained staff is on hand and available when you need us most. 

To schedule a date for your mold inspection in Grand Rapids MI, contact Big Moose today at 800-531-0233 or fill in the convenient form on our website.

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