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Grand Rapids MI Air Quality Testing

An air quality test is a key piece for every real estate purchase. If you’re already a homeowner, testing the indoor air quality and VOCs is necessary for your housing safety. If you’re looking into an indoor air quality inspection, call the local experts from Big Moose.

Proudly having 9+ years in business years of experience, it’s no shock that we’re Grand Rapids MI’s go-top air quality testing team.

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Some of the most common indoor air issues can be identified with a test performed by Big Moose. This offers you the chance to have any problems treated before they become major issues. Cheaper repair bills and better peace of mind are made possible by taking action sooner rather than later.

In the air quality test, a trained technician will keep a lookout for:

  • Volatile organic compound levels in your Grand Rapids MI property
  • Threats of VOC generation
  • Symptoms of mold and mildew

You will get an accurate and detailed report from our inspector when your test is done. It will document our findings and any professional recommendations and cost estimates for future projects.

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