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Navigating Water Damage: Essential Steps for Duluth, MN Residents


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Water damage can turn your home into a battleground if not addressed promptly and correctly. Living in Duluth, MN, where weather fluctuations can lead to unexpected leaks and flooding, knowing what to do (and not do) in the face of water damage is crucial. Let’s explore the do’s and don’ts, immediate actions, and when to seek professional assistance to tackle water damage effectively.

The Do’s: Proactive Steps for Water Damage Cleanup

  1. 1. Act Swiftly: The moment you notice water damage, spring into action. A quick response can minimize the extent of damage and prevent further complications.
  • Clean up Standing Water: Use sponges, mops, and rags to remove standing water. Move valuables away from water-affected areas and take out wet rugs promptly.
  • Ventilate: Open windows, run air conditioning in summer, and use heating systems in winter to ventilate the area and deter mold growth.
  • Preserve Documents: Freeze wet documents to prevent early mildew growth until you can dry and preserve them properly.
  • Document the Damage: Take pictures of the affected areas for insurance documentation and assessment purposes.
  1. Engage Your Insurance Company: Contact your insurance provider immediately to initiate the claims process. Timely communication can expedite the restoration and repair procedures.
  1. 3. Seek Professional Help: Water damage restoration is best handled by professionals like Big Moose Home Inspections. Their expertise and specialized equipment ensure thorough cleanup and restoration.

The Don’ts: Avoid These Missteps During Water Damage

  1. Electronics and Wet Surfaces: Refrain from using electronics near wet floors or standing water to avoid electrical hazards.
  1. Sagging Ceilings: Do not enter rooms with sagging ceilings, as they could collapse due to water damage.
  1. Leave Wet Fabrics Together: Separate wet fabrics and items to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Immediate Actions in the First 24 Hours

  1. Water and Electricity: Turn off the water source and electricity in affected areas to prevent further damage and ensure safety.
  1. Initiate Cleanup: Take initial cleanup measures, such as ventilating flooded areas, moving valuables, and drying out items.
  1. Professional Assessment: Contact professionals promptly for a comprehensive assessment of water damage and effective restoration planning.

When to Call Professionals

Knowing when to call professionals is crucial for efficient and thorough water damage restoration.

  • Uncertain Damage Extent: If unsure of the damage extent, professionals can provide a clear assessment and plan.
  • Significant Standing Water: Professionals have the equipment to remove standing water efficiently.
  • Expert Drying Techniques: Professionals employ specialized drying techniques for effective moisture removal.
  • Sewer Water Involvement: Water from the sewer system carries harmful pathogens; professionals can handle cleanup and disinfection safely.


Water damage demands swift action and informed decisions. By following the dos and don’ts, taking immediate steps, and knowing when to engage professionals, Duluth residents can effectively mitigate water damage risks and protect their homes. Contact Big Moose Home Inspections at (800) 531-0233 to schedule a thorough assessment and restoration plan. Don’t let water damage dampen your home’s safety and comfort—act decisively to restore your property.

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