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Radon Testing in Brighton

Brighton Radon Testing

What’s Radon?

Radon gas is a Class A cancer-causing agent. Radon gas is well known to instigate lung cancer in people.

Many homes in the Brighton area have a radon gas saturation higher than the DNS action limit.

Radon filters out of the soil, not the home. No home, new or old, is fully shielded from radon.

Each house meshes with the topsoil underneath it in a different way. This is part of the reason why properties adjoining one another often have radically different radon concentrations.

Radon levels will change every day and seasonally within an acceptable range. A short-term radon test measures a small period and a dependable bellwether of if the property has radon gas contamination.

Radon has a lifespan of 3.8 days. That means that radon gas accumulation will not be any higher if the property is enclosed for days, months, or years.

How Does Radon Gas Infiltrate the house?

No property is airtight.

Radon may enter through any penetration in the building such as sump drains, pipeworks, and even small imperfections in the foundation’s concrete.

The technique to know with certainty the saturation of radon in the dwelling is to order a radon test.

Radon Gas Testing Procedures

Inspecting a dwelling for radon is a special service when offered concurrently with a property transaction.

A radon expert will install the radon gas probes in the dwelling. Radon analyzers will be located on any level that touches the ground. Normally up to three devices are placed in the structure for the radon analysis.

Our radon specialist will close windows, close the damper on the chimney, and make sure the air conditioning is operating in the required manner. The radon gas technician will additionally mark any indicated window with tamper-proof tape to confirm that draft conditions are upheld.

The radon gas monitors are left on the property for 2-3 days to measure the levels of radon gas in the home. A professional will revisit the structure after the radon measurement is finished to return the devices and write a report.

Please call today for a no-pressure consultation! Our radon testing experts will come to visit to hear about your property, take measurements, and get you going on making your Brighton home one you can enjoy completely!

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Katlynn L. ★★★★★
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Had a home inspection done on my home prior to purchasing. The inspector was very professional and knowledgeable. He answered any questions I had and did a very thorough inspection! 10/10
Travis B.★★★★★
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The team at Big Moose Home Inspections did an amazing job! This is my first time buying a home and they made it super easy! Rick walked me through everything in the house that needed attention and was helpful then asking him questions. Highly recommend Big Moose for your home inspection! Thanks guys!
Lily S.★★★★★
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Great job. Fast service and provided the final report within 24 hours after the inspection. Thorough report, included several pictures to collaborate the finding.

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