Big Moose Inspection Guarantee

Big Moose Guarantee“We stand behind our inspections and back it up with a guarantee.”

Big Moose offers a guarantee with every home inspection we perform.  We want our clients to be assured that when confidence matters… Big Moose delivers!  

What does our inspection guarantee mean for you?

In the unlikely event that our inspector misses something that should have been discovered within the scope of our home inspection*, we will pay up to $1,000 for repairs to be made.

Our Big Moose inspectors have a reputation of being very thorough and detailed. Rarely do our remarkable inspectors miss something that should have been caught. However, when we do (as we know no one is perfect), we are there and will pay up to a $1,000.00 to make it right.

Why not offer a 90-day warranty.?

We tried offering warranties through different companies over the years but found them unreliable and more of a hindrance than a help. I have come to the conclusion if you are going to buy a warranty for your new home purchase, which you should, you should buy one from an independent, reputable company and not through a home inspector. Home inspectors are not warranty companies; they are not the same. A warranty covers appliance that were working at the time of the inspection but failed at a later date.

How long is your guarantee good for?

We offer a 6 month guarantee from the date of the inspection. So please, if there is something you believe our inspector should have caught at the time of the inspection it is vital to let us know right away. We ask that you please do so before any repairs are made. Items that can be repaired will not be replaced.

Do you also offer E & O insurance?

Yes, all of our inspectors our covered under our company’s E & O insurance policy. We have it in place in case of an improbable or an unthinkable circumstance.  Our E & O insurance is there to protect our clients as well as our inspectors.

What is not covered?

Items that were functioning normally on the day of the inspection, but fail sometime after the inspection are called latent defects – defects that could not have been discovered at the inspection. For example:

  • leaks from roof if there was no rain at the time of inspection
  • items that could not be checked due to lack of utility service
  • drain blockage of any kind; We run lots of clear water through drains, but cannot predict blockage due to normal use (toilet paper, food debris, soap suds, waste, etc…)
  • items that are more than 20 years old as they are simply past their service life
  • items noted in the report as in need of repair or at the end of their expected service life
  • items that were concealed, not accessible, or not operable at time of inspection
  • any item that has been serviced or repaired after the inspection without contacting us first

Is there a time limit?

Yes, since this is a guarantee of our work, and not a warranty, it does have a time limit. You need to let us know right away if something is wrong. You have 6 months from your inspection date to contact us.

Are there other restrictions?

Yes, you must notify us prior to making any repairs. If repairs are performed without notifying us first, the guarantee is void. We reserve the right to verify that the item should have been included in the report, within the scope of the inspection*. Also, we reserve the right to contact a contractor to perform the repair. Items that can be repaired will not be replaced.

Is this just a way to limit the company’s liability?

No, we still maintain a solid professional errors and omissions (E&O) insurance policy. Our inspection guarantee is to give you the confidence that we will do a good job as promised, or we will fix it at our expense.

How do we sign up?

The inspection guarantee is included with every complete home inspection. No need to sign up.

Big Moose is the right choice!

When it comes to hiring a home inspection company we stand head and shoulders above the rest. Our inspections are value packed giving our clients the best inspection their money can buy.  You won’t find a better inspection company that stands behind their inspections like we do. When confidence matters… Big Moose delivers!

*Repairs covered under our guarantee must be for items that fall within the scope of a home inspection. The scope of a home inspection is defined in our Standards of Practice, and in our inspection agreement which are available upon request or here on our website at